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The Philip Porter Guitars Company was set up and is run by James Philip Porter an Luther trained at Leeds College of Music and has over 10 year experience working within the musical instrument trade.

Philip Porter Guitars began in 2002 with the aim of becoming a bespoke guitar manufacturing company, now in 2009 I hope to achieve this by bringing you individual instruments of my own designs your custom instruments and a range of components direct to the public.

You can choose from either my designs or have an instrument made to your specifications. I will be also offering a range of hand made pick up for sale in sets for your instrument. I will be selling my some of my instruments in an unfinished state so that they can be made to your specification or you can finish them off your self.

For as long as I can think I’ve always considered the design of electric guitar, sketching designs on school books. I built my first instrument at Art College in 1997 from this I decided to go to guitar building college at Leeds College of Music from 1998-2002. Here I learnt all the skills necessary to make and repair instruments. In this period I also worked in a music shop carrying out basic repairs and modifications.

After college I started Philip Porter Guitars, all good things have to start small so began setting up, repairing, restoring and customising instruments building up a workshop to enable myself to make instruments.

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